Do you know what you need to do to become employable as a film composer? 

My film scoring course gives you tools and concepts to become more attractive to directors and producers. After doing 120+ films, an Academy Award nomination, 6 Emmy Awards, 13 Emmy nominations, BMI and ASCAP Film awards, and long list of credits, these tools and concepts have worked for me and know they will work for you!

Why am I so confident this will work for you?

This business is HARD! Why not make an investment in yourself so you can get a unique advantage over everyone else? I’ve taught this course in graduate school for the past six years and have twice been nominated for the prestigious "Mentor of the Year" awards by the University of Miami Graduate School. I'm proud to say many of my former students are now working in the industry.

Here are a few testimonials:

“Your course reached way beyond the obvious technical aspects of film scoring.”

"I experienced some of my most profound musical growth, gaining the confidence necessary to be approach the always intimidating task of writing music to picture.”

“Chris has an astonishing ability to help students learn to be problem solvers as composers and producers, learning to understand what is needed to address a myriad of real world situations that one might encounter in their careers.”

“Chris is always true to himself as well as every one of his students. He never makes anyone feel less than. He believed in everyone and always made sure to highlight our shining moments.”

How do I know this is for real?

Very few film scoring courses are taught by professors with decades of professional experience. And even more rare is the old pro who has also taught in graduate school and wants to mentor you. 

Graduate school can be prohibitively expensive for anyone. It could easily cost you $60,000 and two years of your life.  In fact, The University of Miami charged $5700 for this exact same course! “This has worked for my graduate students and it will work for you”. Now you can work through the course on your own without having to enroll in graduate school!

“But can’t I get this for free online?”

There are many, many videos online but how will you be sure you are getting accurate information?  

My film scoring master class is a deep dive into the psychology of the working film composer learned during my more than 40 years in the business.

And you get to leverage my reputation by saying you studied with me! 

I will show you how to:

  • Analyze scenes
  • Understand characters and their motivations
  • Learn the language of film.
Why are these topics so important?

Filmmakers speak a different language than musicians. I’ve always had more success  when I speak in their language.

A Special Offer

For listeners of Bobby O's "Inner Circle" podcast I am offering you a staggering 70% off the cost of university tuition for this course. Use the promo code "PODCAST" to reduce your cost to $1710.

$1710 dollars is a lot of money!

But, you know the old cliche: "you get what you pay for".

I am confident that if you apply what I teach you, you could make as much as 100x times the cost of this course over the life of your career!

How do I sign up?

The next session will begin in early June and last about 12 weeks.

Enrollment will be limited and this offer will expire on May 21st so don’t miss out.

Click "Purchase Offer" and use the promo code PODCAST for your 70% discount!

See you soon!



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